Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cherry tree

Hello readers!
It's Wednesday, *sigh*
Will back to english tuition today.
School also will open tomorrow for all Sutomo-ers.
I really need tons of holiday again, don't want to end this holiday .__.
Nothing to do so I helped mommy to type some of her job, then now I'm just sitting infront of my opening blogger & typing this flowery words.
Thanks God I'm feeling well since yesterday, haha.
Bought Gogirl! & Sister magazines also Conan comic book yesterday, lol.
I'm kinda a magazine, comic & novels lover :B
Will feel excited if you give me tons of novels or even comic books to read during holiday, HAHA. I guarantee I won't feel bored. *maybe* *lmao*
Seems that metallic, pattern, or even leopard clothing will be trend in this 2012 year *during to the magazine I read* 
You can never follow trend perfectly cause trend is never end.
Gotta tumblr-ing for some pictures & post it yeah.

soo trueeeee! LOL :D

Perhaps that's all for today.
See you! ;)

"As I grow to understand life less and less, I learn to love it more and more."
--- Jules Renard
xoxo, Jennifer 

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