Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Hello readers!
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!! \m/
woohoooo~ Today is 1st of January 2012, new year, new stories, new memories, new hopes.
May this dragon year bring a strong and energetic feeling inside of us.
Keep motivating, be true, respect ourselves in achieving every dreams we have. 
May all our wishes can come true & all of us will surround by lots of prosperous, luck, always healthy, & of course be better than 2011 year :)

So now I'm tumblr-ing as usual, lol.
Found lots of 2012 photos, gotta post them here :D

Well, that's all the pictures.
Wishing all of us a :

Fantastic JANUARY'12
Loveable FEBRUARY'12
Marvelous MARCH'12
Foolish APRIL'12
Enjoyable MAY'12
Successful JUNE'12
Wonderful JULY'12
Independent AUGUST'12
Powerful SEPTEMBER'12
Tastiest OCTOBER'12
Beautiful NOVEMBER'12
Happiest DECEMBER'12
Have a Victorious Year!!
Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!! ;D

xoxo, Jennifer

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