Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lack of words

Hello readers!
Long time no blog, *sigh*
So I was little bit busy for these few days cause I was focusing on my english tuition project for Snacks food promotion, wew.
So finally my group picked OREO as our main menu, lol.
Had finished the powerpoint presentation by this morning, such a hard effort to complete it.
So hoping all the best for tomorrow's food promotion, haha *hope*
Anyway today is quite a bad day, suddenly my phone's memory card rejected/contained errors , grrrrr. So now I'm trying to moves all my files *wonder why we can still see the files in computer, but not in phone* .________. After that I'll try to format it :(( if that ways can't work, I'll pick the final decision : buy the new memory card .___. *big sigh*
Now my internet connection is really really super duper LACKKKKKK !!! ._______. 
Such a quite bad day for me *grumble*
Tomorrow will be Monday (monsterday), will have xtra-japancular, then will have english tuition also at night , guess tomorrow will be my tiring day.
Sorry guys I'm talking flowery words around here , sometimes people also can feel depressed or even frustated, so am I, HAHAHA *grinned smile*
Nothing much to talk about, but feel free to follow or check & liked my photos collection on my INSTAGRAM : jennifertandratama
Thankyouuu :)
Catch you on your flip side guys! 

"Life is variable."
--- Plautus
xoxo, Jennifer

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