Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Picture perfect memories

Good afternoon, readers!
So today is Tuesday, 31st of January'12.
Not much to share about school story, lol.
Everything just run smoothly & as great as usual.
Had my mandarin tuition just now at 2pm till 3.30pm.
Now I'm enjoying my leisure time to type this blog, hahaa.
Anyway, I had a plan to change my little moustachy header to new header, but I don't have any complete idea, lol, so I asked Fejeee to help me with my new header, we tried to change thingy about what's my favorite colour & things that I love to make that new header for me.
Really a bunch of thanks to my dearest friend Felicia Jesslyn a.k.a Fejeee :*
Oh! gotta share & upload other photos from the second day of chinese new year.
Hm, not capture too much on the second day while we're in Prapat :D
You'll see the Fireworks photos captured by me & the fireworks were bought by my dad, uncles, & grandpa. Seems that they bought a lottt! So all of it  costs 2 or 3 million something, lol. Lots of people surrounded the big field in Prapat to see the fireworks. cool one! ;)

 ignore my pale face :| grr
 me with my lil bro & our uncle * i mean from other ibhoo*
 with michelle
 with mom for sure while watching those fireworks on the field

The third day of chinese new year, still in Prapat & uncles also settled the fireworks again, haha. So it means in two days, there were fireworks show.
Narcissm time,lol.

Grrr, suddenly my internet connection lackkingg *sigh*
Will continue to post other photos again next time .___.
See you!

"When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses."
--- Joyce Brothers
xoxo, Jennifer

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