Thursday, January 5, 2012

Freshy air in the afternoon

Hello readers! ;)
Today I've already back to school. *sigh*
Get nothing to say actually, lol.
Just watched Breaking Dawn movie from cassette with lil bro.
It's AWESOMEEEE!! Yeah I know I'm the only one who's really really late to watch that breaking dawn movie, cause on last November I didn't have chance to go to the cinema, somehow maybe that time I was busy, many things to do, or lazy *perhaps*

So now this is the synopsis
"During the reception following her wedding to Edward Cullen, Bella Cullen is visited by her friend Jacob Black. When Bella accidentally reveals that she and Edward plan to consummate their marriage during their honeymoon, Jacob tries to attack Edward, but his wolf pack hold him back. He then runs off into the woods, and Edward takes an upset Bella back to the reception.
The couple spend their honeymoon on the Cullens' private Brazilian island. Although hesitant, Edward has sex with Bella for the first time. After Edward realizes that he bruised Bella's arm, back and shoulders during sex, he vows to never be intimate with her again, much to her disappointment; he later gives in to her seductions. Two weeks into their honeymoon, Bella discovers that she is pregnant with the fetus growing at an extraordinarily accelerated rate. After consulting with Carlisle, they rush back to Forks. Bella refuses to consider having an abortion, and enlists Rosalie's help to protect her wishes.
Opposed to Sam Uley's plans to kill Bella and her child, which is thought to be a demon, Jacob angrily leaves the pack and arrives at the Cullens' to protect Bella; Seth and Leah Clearwater join him, forming a new wolf pack. As the pregnancy progresses, Bella's health severely deteriorates. As a last resort, she begins drinking blood, which satisfies the fetus and allows her to regain some strength. Soon afterward Bella goes into a painful labor and gives birth to her daughter, Renesmee. To save her life, Edward injects Bella's heart with his venom to transform her into a vampire, but nothing happens, and Bella is thought to be dead. Greatly distraught, Jacob attempts to kill the baby, but stops when he realizes he has imprinted on the child, becoming her protector.
When the werewolves learn of Bella's "death", they attack the Cullens' house to try to kill the baby. They are forced to stop after learning Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee, which, under their wolf law, means Renesmee cannot be harmed. Bella's wounds heal and she awakens with red eyes, a newborn vampire.
In a post-credits scene, the Volturi hear about Bella's conversion; Aro notes that it does not end their dispute with the Cullens, proclaiming, "It's just the beginning. They have something I want."

 Well, I tell you that I ALWAYS adore & love Edward Cullen a.ka.Robert Pattinson for sureeeeee! ♥♥♥ He's really really cool & handsome, melted my eyes & heart *LMAO*
I also absolutely love their freshy, cool, & tropical resort !!♥


Maybe that's all for today.
See you! ;)

"I love her more than anything." -Edward Cullen, Breaking Dawn 

"No measure of time with you will be long enough. But let’s start with forever." -Edward Cullen, Breaking Dawn

xoxo, Jennifer

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