Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Breakfast Food Art Inspiration

Good morning readers! ;)
How are you?
Anyway, have you eaten your breakfast?
Gotta share to you this breakfast food art inspiration that I got from GoGirl website :)

For you who like lazy breakfast, I think I'll introduce you all to Sayaka Minemura, a photographer from the country of Sakura. Through the "Breakfast Project" which she created, managed to photograph 40 expression Sayaka food is very, very interesting and funny! Her work is amazing you know. Sayaka expression generated from this food looks so real and alive. Hilariously beautiful. Start of toast, vegetables, fruit, up to a variety of spices, all she used to form the facial expressions of the living. And again, all this food is made cheerful expression as possible. Yum! and the wooden forks and Spoons are sooo nice too. Wow, so the spirit of breakfast before going to school and to college yeah! What if we try this fun idea :D

Well, that's all I wanna to share, if you have difficulty to eat your breakfast, just try to make some fun with your breakfast! Trust me, it works! :D
See you folks! ;)

"My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot."
--- Ashleigh Brilliant
xoxo, Jennifer

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