Friday, June 24, 2011

My Fondness Troubadour

Good afternoon readers! ;)
How are you today?
Anyway, thanks God it's Friday! ;;)
It's closer to weekend.
OHMYgawddd, I feel bored =="
Still waiting ale to come back to Medan on 3rd of July, next Sunday :'(
Well, tomorrow gotta hang-out with my girls.
Nyehh, just now it's blackout =="
Now gotta share my fondness troubadour :

1. BigBang (including GD & TOP song)
Favorite songs of them : Haru-haru, Lie, Sunset Glow, Baby baby, Gara-gara go!, Heaven, Lolipop, Number 1, Make love, Tonight, Love song, Come be my lady, High high, Don't go home, Baby goodnight, and many more. I love almost all of their songs, they are just A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! And also TRENDSETTER in FASHION world.

Favorite songs of them : 0330, Everyday, I don't understand, Words that hurt me, Miracle, Bingeul bingeul, man man hani, and many more. They all are really handsome!! Love DONGHO damn much :*** Kevin & Eli also handsomee, ohmygawd, really love-struck with all of them.

3. 2PM
Favorite songs of them : I'll be back, Wthout you, Heartbeat , Hands up *new album* , Like a movie *new album* , and many more. Love Nickhun so muchh, anyway, happy birthday NICKHUN oppaa~ Have a blast , stay handsome & famous yeah :** Adore Wooyoung & Taecyeon oppa too ;;)

Favorite songs of them : Ring ding dong, Lucifer, Hello, Juliette, and many more.
Adore Key & Jonghyun, they are cute ><

5. TVXQ 
Favorite songs of them : Mirotic, Crazy love, Hug, Wrong number, Flower lady, Love in the ice , and many more.
Adore Hero Jaejoong & U-know ;)

6. Kwon BoA
Favorite songs of her : Amazing Kiss, Atlantis Princess, Brand newbeat, Last Christmas, Breathe again, Garden in the air, Good-bye, Happy birthday, Lalala love song, Lose your mind, Love letter, Hurricane Venus, My Electronic Piano, Ordinary day, Don't know what to say, Romance, Sweet Impact, Lady galaxy, Beat of angel, Milky way, Girls on top, Every heart, Key of heart, Dakishimeru, Quinzy, Sara, White Wishes , and many more.
OHMY! She's Wonderful singer !!

7. SNSD ( Girls Generation)
Favorite songs of them : Genie, Gee, OH!, Star star star, Day by day, Sweet talking baby, Honey, Kissing you, Tinkerbell, Run devil run, Way back into love, Seoul, Naeng Myeon, Hoot, Mr.Taxi, Chocolate love, Etude, Echo, Dear mom, and many more.
Adore Taeyeon, Yoona, Jessica. They are Gorgeous! ;)

8. 2NE1
Favorite songs of them : Fire, I don't care, Can't nobody, Lonely, Let's go party, Clap your hands, Try to follow me, You and I, In the Club, and many more.
ADore Sandara, CL, Park Bom & Minzy *all of them* kekkeke~they are girls fashion trendsetter!!

9. f(x)
Favorite songs of them : Thrill Love, NU ABO, Me+U, Ice cream, Mr.Boogie, Surprise party, Chu~ , Hot summer *new song* , Pinocchio and many more.
Adore Victoria & Amber, they are cool ;;)

10. GLEE 
Favorite songs : Loser like me, Pretending, Light up the world, My cup, Teenage dream, Hey soul sister, Go your own way, Don't go breaking myh eart, What I did for love, Born this way, Turning table and many more ;;)
Finn & Rachel is a great couple on this movie ;) Can't wait until their season 3 :D

11. Jonas Brothers

Favorite songs of them : Fly with me , Hello beautiful, Please be mine, 7:05, Love bug, Sorry, Burnin' up.
Adore Joe & Nick Jonas ;;)

12. Taylor Swift 
Favorite songs of her : Love story, Speak now, Today was a fairytale, Mine, You belong with me. She sold lots of her albums.

13. Lady gaga
Favorite songs of Monster Mama : Born this way, Poker face, Paparazzi, Bad Romance, The Edge of glory, You & I.
Always rockin', monster mama! ;;)

14. Bruno Mars
Favorite songs of him : Today my life begins, Nothin' on you, Marry you, Talking to the moon, Just the way you are, Billionaire.

15. Lady Antebellum 
Favorite songs of them : Need you now, Just a kiss, American honey ;)

16. Jay Chou
Favorite songs of him : Cai hong, Wo bu pei, Pu gong ying de yue ding, Zui chang de dian yin, Tian tian de, Niu zai hen mang, Thing mama de hua, Shuo hao de shing fu ne, Nu er hong, Davinci de hua bu, and many more ;)
He's really famous until nowdays.

17. Joseph Vincent 
Favorite songs of him : If you stay *his official song*, Rhythm of love *duet with Clara Chung*, Fireflies (cover), Grenade (cover), Baby goodnight (cover) and many more.
He's one of youtube star ;)

18. Clara Chung
Favorite songs of her : Offbeat *her official song* , Rocketeer (cover), The camel song, Heartstrings, and many more.
She's also one of youtube star ;)

19. Jason Chen
Favorite songs of him : Here Am I *his official song*, Raise your glass (cover) with Megan Nicole, Just a dream (cover) with Joseph Vincent, Never say never (cover) with Megan Lee, Perfect (cover) with Cathy Nguyen, Mine (cover), Romeo Juliet (cover) and many more ;)
Haha, he's one of youtube star too ;)

20. Wang Lee Hom
Favorite songs of him : Forever love, Everything, Kiss Goodbye, Wei yi, Tian thang.
Great singer ;)

21. JJ Lin
Favorite songs of him : Breezy summer day, Saranghaeyo, Xiao ciu wo.
Great singer.

22. Justin Bieber
Favorite songs of him : Baby, One less lonely girl, That should be me, Overboard, Never say never, Favorite girl, One time, Rich girl, U smile, and many more ;)
He's an idol for teenagers nowdays. 

Hm, I think that's my fondness troubadour that I wanna share in this post ;)
Try to download the songs that I type there. 
See you! ;)

"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
--- Norman Vincent Peale
xoxo, Jennifer


  1. I also love Taylor Swift and Glee! :D haha

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  2. haha, welcome ;)
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