Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happiness & Togetherness

Helloowww felllasss! ;)) *insane mode on*
How are you all?? :D
Hm, today is Sunday.
Tomorrow gotta back to weekdays ==" so fast. 
HAHA, but it's okay, cause I'm still in my holidayyyyyyy!! 
Well, yesterday me & my buddies went to SeoulGarden to have our lunch together , totallly 12 people including me inside. kekkeke~ it was superb!!

Miss being together with them & finally yesterday we had our good time.
After from SG, we went to Timezone maybe?? They played dance game yeah something like that, haha.
Then we went to gramedia , I bought a novel titled "Promises,promises" by Dahlian.
Love the cover as well, do you know why? It's FLOWERY! haha.
But I haven't read it yet. 
Then we went to amazone Karaoke then Red mango for yogurts then back to amazone for karaoke until hours then finally we stopped at foodcourt for some spicy deliciously chicken.
Tell you the truth, I'm still craving for those chickens now XDD LOL
After that we went home, and all of us were really tired, haha. See, we spend our time in sunplaza almost 8 hours! wow.
Really hope we'll hang out together again one day ;;)
Hehehe, really miss their craziness a lot :p
Well, that's all about yesterday story.

Gotta tell you that i searched for GOGIRL magazine at sunplaza & thamrin plaza, but all said it was no_more/sold all. Geez, I'm hopeless. then mommy took me to Sumatra street & finally we found gogirlmagazine there from the magazine seller on the street corner. Thanks mom:**
Excited foshooooooo~ kekeke~ 

Then daddy bought satay home ;) it was truly delicious & spicyyy ;;) mom made Lonjelcoco (longan+jelly+nata de coco0 drinks for us :DD haaha, superb yummy.
Well, just now me & mom took out our stuff & tidy it, we found this yellowish cute flowery bag, aw. I'll use it when go out. haha. It was mine when I was a little girl but still can be use of course cause it's still like new stuff & vintages stuff ;;)

Okay , that's all I wanna share today. 
See you! ;)

"Your life is an occasion. Rise to it."
--- Suzanne Weyn
xoxo, Jennifer

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