Sunday, June 19, 2011

Random tagging

Hello 'again' readers! ;)
Today I'll post two post. haha.
Well, Sherly & Adriana had tagged me on a 'mention 10 facts of me'. (i mean ourself)
Here are the rules:
-each tagged person must tell 10 facts about himself/herself
-you got to choose and tag 10 people
-go to their blog and tell them that you've tagged them
-don't tag back
-enjoy! ;)

10 facts about me :
1. Well, I'm a girl with black frame spectacles who love K-Pop a lot.
2. Love blogging, i type everything i found , my experience, my piece of story or even sometimes i re-post friends interesting post :)
3. Musics & fashion always being my friend.
4. Impatient, sometimes doing activities hurry-scurry (*if really rush*)
5. Love mom,dad,& lil bro:*
6. Food-hunter , novel-worm , movie-fanatic, GLEEKS, U-Kiss/JonasBrothers/BigBang/JosephVincent/ClaraChung/JasonChen 's big fans for sure !! ;DD
7. Dislike people who prohibits me & stabs me in back. Beware or I'll screw you away :)
8. Easy-going & open-minded.
9. Yogurt & chocolates are my favorite fosho! 
 10. Humorous , love jokes. HAHA.

Tag you :

Others if don't have chat box I can't tell you that I tagged you, so you just see this post when you open mine.
That's all I wanna post.
Try it, it's fun.
See you all ;)
"Friends are fun yet exhiralate" --Jennifer.

xoxo, Jennifer

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