Monday, June 6, 2011

Vampire Diaries

Hello readers!
How are you today? :)
Gotta share about Vampire Diaries movie.
I had watched it until season 2 just now, it was totally awesome!!
AAAA, I'm inlove with Stefan Salvatore ( @PaulWesley ), he was absolutely handsome!!
Hm, Damon Salvatore also goodlooking ( @iansomerhalder )
Then Elena Gilbert ( @ninadobrev ) also gorgeous yet attractive! aw, that's why both Salvatore brothers love her a lot. hahhaa.
Gotta show you some photos of them :)

 Stefan Salvatore
 Damon Salvatore
 Elena & Katherine
Well, that's some photos that I wanna share, hm. Actually I'm feeling sad with the finale of season 2, I'm really waiting for season 3!! AAAAA *scream*
Here is the season 3 synopsis :

The CW has released the description/synopsis for season 3.
"Season three opens the door to learn more about Klaus and The Original Family as his motives for wanting Stefan on his side are finally revealed.  As Stefan sinks deeper into the dark side, Damon and Elena struggle with the guilt of their growing bond even as they work together to bring Stefan back from the edge.  The ghosts from Jeremy’s past have a powerful message they’re trying to deliver to him, not to mention the impact they’re having on his relationship with Bonnie. And as Caroline and Tyler grow closer, a war erupts between their families."
 Geez, really impatient for season 3, hope it'll out asap ;)
See you on my next post! ;)

--- Elena: Stefan Salvatore, I hereby invite you into this home.
--- Stefan: This is a future memory: it's where your boyfriend whispered to you that he loved you.
xoxo, Jennifer

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