Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello OCTOBER! ♥

Also hi readers! ;)
Today is 1st of october, so gotta say goodbye to September & welcoming October :D
It's Saturday weekend! \m/ woohooo~
Anyway, Happy birthday to Clara Kosidin, Christy, Cecilia Cuneta, Andrey Suteja & Alisan! :D
Wish them all the best, big blast & great year ahead ! :D :D
Good beginning of October, today such a good & bad day.
Suddenly my memory card failed to repair :'( all my files were gone. f! grrr.
So how I must do now?? *big big sigh* :( :( 
Hm, tomorrow will have drama practice at Irene's home.
Hope it'll be fun and a good drama for our group ;) hehe
Gosh, feeling hungry now, lol, gotta grab some bread to eat :p
please be a good October for me :)
then hope will get great result for my coming exams ;)

Catch you on your flip side!

"Your life is what your thoughts make it."
--- Marcus Aurelius
 xoxo, Jennifer 

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