Friday, October 28, 2011


Hello readers!
How's life?
Anyway, Thanks God It's Friday! \m/ woohoo~
Had my mandarin tuition today.
Seems not a pathetic day, anyway perhaps I'll hangout with Jessica tomorrow.
Lol, hope that Irene can follow us too cause the more the merrier! :D
Last Wednesday, webcammed with Vera again, haha.

Actually, I'm craving for lots of thing, such like Sushi Tei, Starbucks, Shilin spicy chicken, new novels, Sour sally.____.
idk why my phone's signal's like hell, really sucks.
Bbm pending, ubersocial not working for almost 3hours -__- *sigh*
Tomorrow will be Saturday, hope it'll be a superb one! ;) haha.
Gotta recomend you one mandarin song titled 陪我到以後 (Pei Wo Dao Yi Hou)' sang by Cyndi Wang feat Show Luo. Such a great & romantic song, lol.

This song really has a great meaning yet touching.
You mustn't miss it, try to listen & watch their MV :)
So, catch you on your flip side! ;)

"陪我到以後 就這樣一起走
讓明天有夢做 讓故事有然後
陪我到以後 就這樣不放手
證明愛 是真的 想聽你每天 說愛我"
--- Cyndi Wang ft. Show Luo lyrics in 'Pei Wo Dao Yi Hou' song
xoxo, Jennifer 

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